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lunch ideas?

September 7th, 2010 at 12:12 am

Still trying to figure out a way to tell my boss I've enrolled at university. I think pretty soon it will get to the stage of ridiculous. You know when you leave things just a little too long? I'm famous for that.

But I have thought of a possible way to slide the news in nonchalantly. I'm going to call my boss and his wife at home just to inform them that in February I'll have to take a few days off for exams. Then they will ask questions. So that solves my problem.

In other news, we are looking after my little sister for a week and a half while my mum is away. I have to pack her lunch and pick her up from school - feeling a little bit domestic right now, Big Grin I am sure I will be over it by the end of the week though.

Though also feeling rather unqualified to do it all because all I could find for lunch for her on Monday was some banana bread, an apple, a carmans muesli bar, a packet of Vege Chips and some Japanese seaweed rice crackers. Though apparently it's similar to what she takes every day anyway. Like me she doesn't like a heavy lunch and prefers to snack on things every couple of hours. Must run in the family. Smile

Any ideas, fellow parenting SA'ers? I'm stumped. She doesn't want a 'lunch' lunch, like a sandwich or a salad, or anything in containers that she has to carry around all day. Picky thing.


This weekend I have to drive her to work at 6am, then I will probably go to the market bright and early, 6.30am on the way home, right when it opens for the day. I'll have first pick of the produce!

Sunday I have a work lunch to attend. It is paid for me, but not DF. Not sure about my little sister either, though technically she just started working at my work too...? Though the juniors weren't invited. Hmmm. Will have to check on that.

I decided not to get my fitflops, because I couldn't find any under $120. Online they are $80!

Well, that's all my updates for now.

3 Responses to “lunch ideas? ”

  1. baselle Says:

    An idea for sister's lunch: omusubi or onigari

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Veggies and hummus, but you'd have to put the hummus in a container.
    Dried or fresh fruit.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    my kids also disdain sandwiches, so I pack:

    muffins (homemade if possible, ie cheese or banana - or zuchinni bread, etc.

    trail mix (make it yourself with nuts, dried fruit, a bit of breakfast cereal)

    peanut butter and crackers (make those little cracker sandwiches yourself, a real treat is to use graham crackers cause it tastes like cookies)

    little cheese cubes or a string cheese or a little red-waxed wrapped gouda cheese

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