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hung parliament

August 23rd, 2010 at 06:54 am

There's been lots of talk about the state of our parliament at the moment. The election results have not been finalised and it is soooo close that they have to wait for all the postal votes to come through. For such a boring campaign trail on both parties counts, the final results are proving to be the most interesting that I've seen in my (rather short, I might add) political life & awareness.

It seems the Greens and the independent parties might actually hold the power this time, which I am sure no one was really expecting, if it turns out to be a hung parliament. It's all extremely interesting.

In other news, we had quite a full weekend. My little sister stayed over on Friday night. We helped her screenprint a shirt she wanted to do; a Misfits band tee. Cost at the local record store: $30. Cost of making it at home: $5.85 for a no-name blank shirt. And several hours of my sisters time Big Grin

We had DF's BIL and our niece stay over on Saturday night, and then more friends over on Sunday.

Also got some books from a friend (the one that works at the bookstore). Haven't yet paid him for them though, as we're not sure how much they cost. I am thinking it's around $170. Could be cheaper but not sure.

And yes, it's Monday afternoon now. Already another week has started! Seems to fly by so quickly. Only 10 days until the first offer round...

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