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getting new phones!

May 19th, 2010 at 12:06 am

After a big hassle and drama with our service provider (SP), DF and I are getting new phones. iPhones!

As I've blogged previously, we weren't expecting to renew our contracts until September (for DF) and November (for me). Post Paid mobile phone plans are typically held on 24 month contracts. However the company we're with seems to be cutting it back to 18 months, which is odd. But I'm not complaining.

First of all, our family business got calls from our SP offering free phones with the renewal of a 24 month contract. Normally we go through a guy who is a rep for a lot of companies - he finds our business the best deals, and is a nice, genuine guy who will drop everything to help us if we need it, and fix anything we have problems with. We've been using him for about 6 years now, so there's a bit of loyalty involved.

So our SP calls and offers this renewal-free-phones thing, and when we ask if that means it cuts out our rep, the guy on the phone from the SP says no. I tell DF to wait, because I wanted us to go on a plan at the same time, so that from now on our contract expiries are synced (I don't know if that's necessary really - but it makes me feel more organised...Big Grin). THEN the guy from the SP calls ME and offers the same renewal, even though mine is not up for renewal until November. (Mine is a personal plan, DF's is linked to a business one at the moment, and we wanted to make his personal and put it on the same bill as mine). So then I start thinking, Well hey! Why not?

So we agree, then later call our rep and he says it DOES take our business away from him, and the mobile phone portion of our telecommunication structure will no longer go through him, meaning he won't be our rep for that part. So they LIED!

Anyway, so I call and cancel the personal portion (Mine & DF's) and DF's dad cancels the business portion. This morning a delivery person came with the free phones for DF's dad and my mum, so we sent them back.

So now our Rep will organise the plans for us, and the phones. In the end, it works out better as DF and I get free car kits for our iPhones, and screen protectors, so that's about $250 value right there.

It boggles my mind though. Our rep works FOR our SP, but the SP is undercutting him. Huh!? How does that even work? If I didn't like the coverage, plans and offers of our SP, I'd consider changing, simply because that really pisses me off!

Anyway. So that's kind of exciting that we're getting new phones, and at the same time, AND six months earlier than we thought we would. Big Grin

Don't worry, neither of us are the type to buy a lot of applications. It's exciting to have a new 'toy' but the main functions are what we will use it for anyway (phone, camera, recorder, music player, internet). *sigh* I feel like a yuppie.

1 Responses to “getting new phones!”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Way cool!

    There's TONS of free apps to play with, and to use to help save money. One I found recently is Gas Cubby. I track my gas purchases (and eventually services) and it calculates how much miles per gallon, etc. There is a free version and a paid one - only difference is ads on the free one (which are barely noticeable).

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