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a thinking post

April 13th, 2010 at 12:38 am

In an earlier blog entry I posted that I would only have one day off this week. Well, I am home sick today. Frown Be careful what you wish for! Technically, I am not sick. I just have terrible stomach cramps. Most of the female bloggers on here know what I'm on about. *sigh*

So I thought it would be a good idea to post an update of sorts.

Work is still pissing me off. My boss came in for an hour or two yesterday. There's not much product, but hey! What can I do about it? I'm not working a minute extra when the problem could be easily fixed.

I got to thinking yesterday about how this might be approaching the end of my working there. I'm not going to leave any time soon, of course, but you know when you get the feeling that you've been at one place for long enough? So this University thing could be coming at a good time. I'll continue working as long as I possibly can there, and I don't think I'm in any danger of being sacked, but with Uni, my job will just feel like a source of money now, and not a responsibility or a future. You know what I'm saying?

But then again my feelings about work could change. I sense that it might not just be work that I'm annoyed at. I think I'm going through a phase of being annoyed at everything right now. My best friend and I had a... thing. I wouldn't call it an argument, but I was SO angry at her.

Basically I don't want to post the details because it involves her obsessive compulsive disorder, but she told me something I told her I didn't want to know. Then I got pissed off at her because I didn't want to know, and because of what she told me, and because she told me even though I told her I didn't want to know. Confused yet? Big Grin And then she couldn't understand why I was angry, because she thought it (what it was she told me) was a fantastic idea. When in fact I felt like I was going to throw up. But I couldn't tell her that because I've always encouraged her to talk about things. So I guess I just shot myself in the foot. But I *did* tell her I didn't want to know, just this one particular time. Why is that so hard to understand?

Anyway, so none of that actually makes any sense. But the point of the story is that even though we decided to pretend our argument never happened, I'm finding it hard to be around her without getting annoyed at her. It's just that her frustrating behaviour with money (which I've blogged about in the past)transcends into all aspects of her life. She just goes 'This is a great idea!' and goes ahead and does something without thinking at all about the cons, and even when you (or a group of friends) gather around and try to explain them, she just shakes her head and says 'Don't be silly, this will be fabulous'. It's just who she is. I just find it hard to take sometimes.


In other news, the family business is plodding along splendidly. That has to count for something right? Big Grin They have work in front, and seem to be just making their bills each week. It has surely taken at least a little stress off my mind. Funny how things have a habit of balancing out, even if it is ever so precariously.

We have loads of basil growing. I think I'm going to attempt my own pesto some time this week.

It's raining today, ever so fitting for a day off when you don't feel like doing anything Big Grin

But I am going to attempt some things. On the weekend we had a big day of cleaning. I cleaned out all the cupboards in the kitchen, we cleaned the front deck and the back verandah, DF put down another home brew, and I cleaned the bathroom and mopped the floors. I think today I might tidy our office, sort through my clothes (again - but this time I am going to be RUTHLESS!) and sort through some music. Also, put dinner on in the slowcooker and make a shopping list for tomorrows grocery shopping.

A friend of ours who lives in LA called yesterday. He and his soon-to-be wife are coming to stay with us in November! DF has not seen him for two years, and I have not seen him for probably 5 years. Woah, time flies! Makes me think about the future, when (hopefully) we have the funds to be able to take a holiday and fly over and visit them one day too.

6 Responses to “a thinking post”

  1. Aubergine Says:

    Oh I can understand your feeling about work! Sometimes you just feel like you have been around the same people for far too long!

  2. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm feeling pretty frustrated myself right now about finances. I just get one tutoring student back on track, when the other one takes three days off. Ugh! Working for someone else has it's downsides, but working for yourself has pitfalls too.
    I hope you feel better quickly. I find the better hydrated I am the less AF bothers me.

  3. baselle Says:

    Sounds like a bit of burnout on both work and friends. Take care - a bit of disengagement is needed in both places, but somehow you have to make it look like you are not disengaging, if that makes any sense. With the friend, forget about giving her advice. Clearly she's not listening to you or to anything but her idea, and as long as she doesn't owe you money...time to just tune out.

    Speaking from someone whose stomach cramps hit a bit further down a couple of hours ago.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    baselle: Wink on the stomach cramps

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles--and curious as hell about your friend's new scheme!

    Homemade pesto is easy and wonderful. Basil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, olive oil, warm water, blender. Yum! You can also save extra sauce in an ice cube tray, and make more pesto pasta in the future or just melt a cube or two into a tomato sauce to enhance flavor.

  6. pjmama Says:

    We've all got our phases we go through like that. I can certainly relate. Just keep your head up, it'll all be alright.

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