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February 28th, 2010 at 11:23 pm

What terrible news about the earthquake in Chile. It seems lately that there is more bad news than there is good.

Closer to home, over the past week, a 22 month old toddler drowned in a dam 40 metres from his home, an 8 year old girl was abducted from her bedroom, murdered by a 19 year old boy, and found 12 hours later dumped in a drain, two separate car crashes have claimed the lives of 6 young people, a 13 year old boy was stabbed to death by another boy at a school, two men died trying to rescue a mate who fell over a cliff, who also died, and a man may have lost his eye after being glassed outside of a pub...

It's times like these that should make people realise just how much they really have, and if they can, to give a little to those who have lost a lot.

And to not take so many risks. So many people lose so much sometimes when unnecesary risks are taken.

A report on the radio this morning talked about the fact that our area had a tsunami warning from the Chilean earthquake, the beaches were closed for the day and people were told to stay away. Instead, crowds of people gathered ON THE BEACH. Sure, nothing happened, but are people so ridiculously STUPID that they think nothing bad can ever happen to them???

3 Responses to “tsunami”

  1. pjmama Says:

    It really does make you think about how incredibly lucky some of us have it. That's why I think it's so important to give time to those in need when we're not so financially well off, and then time and money when we are. When others are struggling for the bare necessities, it really is a shame. Sometimes I bemoan all the debt I have, but then when I look around me and realize that I'm still eating 3 meals a day and sleeping in a comfortable bed, things dont seem so bad. Just have to keep in mind that's not the case for everyone...

  2. carterfinance711 Says:

    Thanks for the welcome comment. This is a great post! It's true, this world is sick. Some people think nothing will ever happen to them and they do stupid things. They say "I do it all the time and nothing's happened yet." ugh that bugs me so much! I am a very cautious person and don't like taking risks too much. Some times that means missing out on fun things though. It's at the point where I can't even watch the news because it's so depressing.

  3. janH Says:

    Same thing with the people who go watch the waves while a hurricane is coming. I cringe and hope that they stay WAY away from the reach of a big one! Water is very powerful.

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