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February 2nd, 2010 at 06:41 pm

First of all thanks to those who commented on my last post Smile I am trying to keep my whining posts to a minimum (there's nothing more depressing than reading someones blog and finding that EVERY single entry sounds like it's been written by someone stuck in the bottom of a well)... but sometimes it has to be done, right?

So I had coffee with a friend yesterday, got home and DF was playing computer games. I thumped around for an hour or so and cleaned parts of the house, slightly annoyed that DF was still on the computer, but then when we had dinner he was quiet and not very talkative and I realised that he is not that happy either. So even though I feel better for letting it all out, I feel bad for being a selfish whiner because DF feels the same way about not getting a lot of work and all the things that are on our shoulders. We didn't talk about it but it's ok Smile sometimes things don't need to be said. Also... we both come from families where everyone TALKS about everything all the time, and it's often an agreement that we don't overanalyse each other, because it gets very draining and makes us both think of being a sullen teenager being lectured Big Grin

Now the house is slightly tidy I feel a bit better. Dinner is in the slowcooker for tonight, and I am doing the grocery shopping when I finish work in a couple of hours.

I went to the doctors today, for something that I have been meaning to do for about five months (get my calcium checked) so that is something to tick off my list to do.

For the February challenge of not eating out - I have miserably failed these first 3 days. I bought a drink at work on Monday, yesterday I had coffee with a friend, and today I bought an icecream Big Grin sure was nice though...

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  1. homebody Says:

    I am behind in reading posts with granddaughter here, but she is gone now and I am home alone since DH drove them to Reno, NV and am up catching up. You can whine all you want here, that's why we are here. But I have to tell you, our first dog when we got married 31 years ago was named Jedson... we called him Jed.

    I know it sometimes feels like when it rains it pours. Also when you don't know how much or how bad something is, in our minds it becomes worse than it really is (the dentist, been there done that).

    If DF is working less, ask him (as nicely as you can) if maybe he could use the time to get some things done so you can spend more time together (Pick up the house, cook, etc). Also when you have been together as long as DH and I have, there is nothing wrong with you making his breakfast/lunch, etc if that will help him to eat better and save money.

    I am glad you spent the money on new tires, safety first!

    Your family sounds like mine (my sisters and I analyze everything!) Hang in there. You have a good head on your shoulders! PS I hope I don't sound too much like I am lecturing (my daughters acuse me of that all the time, I can't help myself....)

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