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A quiet weekend ahead

November 13th, 2009 at 07:48 am

DF is working tomorrow (Saturday) and I have no plans. I was invited to dinner with friends, but it is with 'those' friends that I have blogged about previously. Nice to catch up with at a party, but I realised pretty quickly I don't want to go to a restaurant with them EVER AGAIN. Big Grin
Lovely people, most of the time, but yeah, I must be an old fashioned lass who thinks people should be quiet when indoors with strangers trying to eat their meals. I guess you could say, hmmmm, I have respect for the people around me?

Anyway. So I would like to have a productive but very laid back weekend. My plans are:

- Sleep in (until 7am atleast)
- Farmers market
- Put a meal on in the slow-cooker
- Wash Jed
- Do some laundry & fold washing
- Clean the fridge
- Clean the pantry
- Take Jed for a walk

Obviously, not setting the bar too high Big Grin

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