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summer is coming!

September 15th, 2009 at 03:53 am

And I have been thinking about purchasing a couple of clothing items. We are into the third week of September and I have spent way way less than my allotted fun money each week, so this is really the only reason I have been thinking about clothes.
I am going to put on rotation some clothes I haven't worn for a few years, so atleast I have some things that will 'feel' new. But there are some things I still would like to get:

- 2 pairs of shorts (one pair black, tailored and knee length)
- 2 pairs ballet flats (my staple casual footwear)
- 2 plain black tshirts
- 2 or 3 button up short sleeve shirts

I have a habit of screenprinting on my blank shirts Big Grin and then not having any plain ones. I realised this last year when I had to go to a funeral and had the choice of a green zombie or a red samurai soldier... (Obviously I went and bought a new black tshirt...)

I am also wanting to get two plain black button up shirts for work. My clothes for my other work, thankfully, are all sorted for the next year.

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