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August Total Expenditure :0

August 31st, 2009 at 03:29 pm

DF: $1733.00
Me: $2495.95
Other: $20.00
Total: $4248.95 ($1062.23 p/w)

Mortgage: $1523.08
Groceries: $573.08
Petrol: $222.96
Phone & Internet: $78.10
Car Repairs: $52.87
Mobile Phone: $56.75
House Insurance: $69.39
Life Insurance: $53.67
Property Rates: $1083.21

Personal Loan: $148.00
Pet Supplies: $17.50
House Repairs/Maintenance: $134.94
Appliance/House Gadgets/Tech: $13.79
Work Expenses: $210.02
Clothes: $12.00
Shoes: $313.95
Dining Out: $148.50
Entertainment: $12.87
Misc: $59.80
Gifts: $12.49
Health/Grooming: $99.75
DF Fun: $317.70
Me Fun: $307.25
Engagement Ring: $2000

Total Spent: $7521.67

Deficit: -$3272.72

Ok, so by first look this is all a bit scary. But add into the equasion:
Bills: $1393.99
Of which I had the amount in a separate account.
So, deficit is now: $1878.73, which is fine because the engagement ring was $2k. So TECHNICALLY we were in front this month by $121.27, if you can believe that. The purchase of the engagement ring was to be taken out of our savings.

DF also earned about HALF what he usually does, due to having no work on.

But, all in all, August was an expensive month. We spent more than we should have in terms of fun money, but only went out for dinner once, for DF's sisters marriage dinner. Bought running shoes, which were a huge expense at over $300.
Groceries are quite a bit more as we had a bit of a party last weekend.

Areas to improve in September:
Fun Money
Petrol (???)
House Maintenance

todays expenses

August 31st, 2009 at 01:59 am

Todays Expenses:

0.50 Can of Coke
2.00 Staff Lotto
26.40 Postage (Present for stepmum & engagement party invitations)

invitations, spending and gardening

August 30th, 2009 at 12:26 am

Todays Spending:
Petrol: $36.47
Drink: $3.99
Gardening Stuff: $71.94
Underwear: $25.00
extra Engagement Invitations: $12.95
Coffee: $4.30

As the title suggests, we gave out our first invitation today, and got our first official rsvp. Smile I will send the bulk of them tomorrow and drop off a few at houses that are close to ours to save postage.

Today I planted mint, rosemary, lettuce and tomatoes, and added a bit more potting mix & trimmed our basil and coriander.

The coriander seeded and looks like it's dying - I'm not an expert gardener, so can anyone tell me, I have heard before that once coriander seeds it's dead. Is that true? I've trimmed everything back, does that help?

Tonight we're having a bbq for dinner, DF's having rissoles and I am having vegetarian sausages, with a salad.

the wedding

August 29th, 2009 at 03:24 pm

DF's sister & fiances wedding went well. Their 'real' wedding will be next year, this one was so that their new-born daughter has her mum & dad as married on the birth certificate. Kind of nice. We had a lovely dinner afterwards, of course my mum and her partner ruining it halfway through because my mum had too much to drink. Frown wow, what a surprise. thankfully it was just me and DF at that end of the table, so people knew something was happening but it didn't affect the rest of the table. Of course they turned it back on DF and I as they stormed out to leave, saying it was our fault and that we started it. REALLY PISSES ME OFF. Anyway.

This only strengthens my resolve to ask my mother to NOT drink at my engagement party. People are telling me it's unfair to ask her to do that and not everyone else, but I really could not give a crap. 'Everyone else' doesn't cause a scene every single time. And 'everyone else' are always walking on eggshells when she's around.

So yesterday we printed out the invitations and will send them tomorrow. I only have four invitations that I do not have addresses for. How exciting!

The invitations I ended up getting are notecards with pretty designs on the front, blank inside. Then I just printed out the information and glued it inside. They look good. Simple but good.

We are having a morning tea type of thing, starting at 10am. So then if people are getting hungry (or want to leave) they can go straight to lunch. We're having it at a popular park near a river, lots of amenities. I will post my planned menu later.

expense log 28-29/8

August 29th, 2009 at 04:22 am

Expenses Friday 28/8
10.10 (DF's Lunch)
70.00 (2 x 2 course meals)
7.50 (drinks)
40.00 (drinks)
25.00 (clothes)
Total: $152.60

Expenses Saturday 29/8
17.40 (breakfast)
31.80 (farmers market)
10.00 (freshly ground coffee 250g)
3.50 (ginger beer)
15.00 (icecreams)
12.00 (work shirts)
12.87 (dvd - death at a funeral)
4.25 (cooking magazine)
9.95 (tattoo magazine)
5.00 (scratchie)
Totals: $121.77

todays expenses

August 27th, 2009 at 03:56 am

I've decided I might try posting my daily expenditures. I'm finding it hard to get the motivation to track expenses lately, so making a daily post might give it a bit of a different twist. I know a few people do that on here, so I'll give it a try Smile

Todays Expenses:
0.50 - Coke at work
2.00 - Staff Lotto
7.49 - Chocolates as a 'registry office' gift (not actual wedding gift!)
1.99 - Chocolate (for myself Big Grin) low energy fix.
4.20 - takeaway coffee
8.00 - cards & wrapping paper
38.85 - engagement party invitations

Total Spent: $63.03

(still have to add in df's totals so this could change...)

my 1k list

August 25th, 2009 at 07:35 pm

Inspired by MonkeyMama, I decided to make my own 1k list. I think it's a really interesting concept, 1k is definately a barrier in a lot of people's minds when it comes to spending money. This is everything I have ever bought for 1k or more in my life, and what DF has since we've been together.

First Car: $1500 (2005)
Holiday: (DF) $3000~ (DF) (2006)
Holiday: (me) $1000~ (me) (2006)
Desktop Computer: $3500~ (2007)
Second Car: $6500 (2007)
Project Car: $3500~ (2007)
Laptop: $2050 (2007)
Holiday: $1500~ (me) (2008)
Holiday: $8000~ (DF) (2008)
House: $320 000 (2009)
New Engine: $1911 (2009)
Engagement Ring: $2320 (2009)

And the expenses I know that are coming this year:
Bed & Mattress: $1200~
Tattoos: $1500~ (sep & oct 2009)
Fencing: $3000~

It's interesting to see. I thought we'd have more electronic stuff there but when I think about it, a lot of our stuff is REALLY old, and other things we either do without or find a cheaper way to get it. (ie. for free!). The holidays, obviously wasn't the purchase of one item, but those are the sort of thing I count as a lump sum. Because if we didn't go on a holiday, we would not have spent that money.

So what's your 1k list?

update: financial family mess

August 25th, 2009 at 02:49 pm

thanks everyone for your advice and thoughts

Just a note to anyone wondering about the personal bank account:
I did mention that it was a sole trading business. Not sure about america, but in Australia there is nothing illegal about having an account where personal and business expenses are both withdrawn, as long as the business expenses are kept track of and the reciepts are kept for 5 years. The ATO find nothing unusual about this, there are plenty of busineses that operate in this way. Auditing takes a bit longer if we require an audit, but there is nothing wrong or illegal about this practice.
My parents pay their taxes and do not owe any, they are always paid on time. So there are no problems in that regard.

I could be responsible if there was 'funny' stuff as I am the book-keeper, but there is none of that. The books are as clean as clean can be (I am responsible for the books, I would not do something that was illegal), it is just their money management skills that are lacking. So I am sorry if anyone got the wrong idea on the book keeping front, there is nothing happening there.

The main content of my post was aimed at the poor money management, nothing to do with the legalities of what they are doing.

family + finances = mess

August 24th, 2009 at 09:47 pm

I walk into work today:

mum: "B(her partner) told me I have to work out our finances and told me to ask you to help".
me: "um, ok."
mum: "yeah, because A has to give J (the cousin who is staying with them) some money, and he wants to know how much we have, and how much is left"
me: "well, that's easy. NONE."
mum: "well, we know that. but i have to work out our budget"

I don't know why I'm annoyed at this; by all means I should be happy right? Right?

This is something I have been talking to them about for years. literally, years.

This is why I am annoyed:

- I have been telling them for months that their business is struggling financially - but because they could always see a 'balance' in the account they believed I was being dramatic, or something like that.
- Despite me telling them this, they still went on a week long holiday last month.
- There has been no work for the past month, so of course they found time to play the pokies and have boozy dinners/lunches out every weekend.
- Meanwhile, my DF has earnt HALF of what I earn (because there's no work), usually he earns quite a lot more than me. I know the world is not a fair place, but I am still allowed to say that I think that's unfair.
- A year ago I told them they couldn't afford to buy a new car but they went and bought one anyway, the same day.
- I told them the business couldn't afford another worker, and lo and behold, B's cousin arrived two weeks ago.
- You'd think someone in financial dire straits would cut back on luxury items, but from the 1st of July to today (25th August) they have spent $1049.24 on alcohol and withdrawn $3080 in cash (and I can safely say that a very LARGE portion of that was dining out and pokies - more than 50% anyway, possibly 75% but I dare say it's even more than that).
- The accountant suggested we set up a company instead of a sole trading business, but there isn't even enough cash to pay the fees to set this up (but like I said, there's cash for overpriced beer and parmigianas at the pub).
- I also suggested we set up a separate personal bank account for them and pay B a WAGE, instead of living off his check account (which is where the business' money goes in and out). His response? 'The business can't afford to pay me a wage, I'm worth too much'. It just frustrates me because he thinks all the money he spends doesn't count for anything, he thinks he DOESN'T get a wage! Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard???

I could go on, but you get my drift.

Anyway, so the time comes that they actually want to do something (because I literally CAN'T pay the bills) and I DON'T want to help them. What is going on???

I just feel like I'm beating a dead horse.

I said to my mum, just because you MAKE a budget doesn't mean shit. You actually have to DO it. You have to STICK to it. That's what a budget is.

And she goes, yeah, yeah, I know, we will.

I said to her, I've tried this with you, I've asked you all to write down what you spend. And neither of you did it. You can't say "I'm going to make a budget" if it just sits there and does nothing. The point of a budget is to sit down and figure out what you spend, then compare it to what you earn, and whittle it down so that they are compatible amounts. And then you have to adhere to it, day in and day out. It doesn't do anything if you're supposed to stick to it and you don't.

And she goes "Well, we will, I just need you to help me figure out how much we spend."

I said "yeah, that's what YOU GUYS need to do, not me. It's no good telling ME you spend $350 on groceries a week and that's it, if you really spend $50 a week on cigarettes, $200 on booze, $60 on takeaways and $350 on groceries. You need to figure out how much you REALLY spend, yourselves."

Am I being harsh? I just cannot be bothered. They DO need to figure this stuff out, but I've held my hopes up for so long that I don't think I can raise them again.

I suggested they go to our accountant. He already said to me he would help them, when they finally wanted to help. For a few reasons. The first is, he can explain a lot of things that I probably don't know. He can suggest things I haven't thought of. And he is an independant body that has no ties with them. He is not their daughter or son, and they may take the advice from him better than they do from me.

It's just the whole thing of getting them there, first off, before things start looking up again, because then the whole cycle will start again. Not that the cycle ever stopped to begin with.

Anyway. Thanks for listening. It IS a financial rant, so it does have some place here. Big Grin

whats with this weather? also, bought new sunglasses

August 24th, 2009 at 04:55 pm

August seems to have been a low post month for me. I seem to be doing a fair bit but nothing that is really post-worthy.
I also have been having difficulties recording spending. I'm laxing at it, which is a worry. I know I will kick myself later for it, I annoy myself when I do this because then it isn't done properly and I can't rely on the figures later on. I like things done orderly!
So I am making the effort to do it, even though it has become a chore this month.

The weather has been odd the past week. It hit over 35 degrees celcius yesterday (and it's meant to be winter). But, two states away in Melbourne (about 3 hours by plane), it was hailing with 6.5 degrees celcius temperatures. What the?!

Interesting though, they interviewed a guy (you know, a weather guy? can't think of his proper title right now, having a blonde moment) and they asked him direct questions about global warming, whether this is an indicator of it. He skipepd around the questions very carefully, sitting on the fence. Very good at it, but it struck me as odd.

I guess some people don't want to enter into the debate, you never know, he might have political interests that he might be protecting. Maybe he hasn't made up his mind, or rather he doesn't want to be labelled as one of either of the groups; those that believe in global warming and those who think it's a crock of ****.

It's all rather funny when you think about it. The way some people refuse to accept that the planet is dying. Call it what you want, it's obvious the world is not the same as it was 500 years ago.

Sorry, don't really know where that rant came from!!!

I finally bought some new sunglasses on the weekend, $49.95 polarised Mangrove Jacks. NOT a brand name, btw. Ok, so technically it is a brand, but not a 'brand name'. Mangrove Jacks are pretty much the only sunglass makers I can find that make good quality pairs under $140 that are polarised, I am forever their customer. (If you've never had polarised lenses, you're missing out). I have gone through three pairs this year. I had one pair (an MJ pair) that lasted me two years or more, that finally snapped at the arm. Then I went onto a pair I got for free with a magazine, which snapped within a few months. To tell you the truth I was quite happy, they were uncomfortable and not polarised. Then I found another pair I had gotten for free, so the cheapskate in me made me wear them until they snapped too. These cheap ones don't last long do they? Looking forward to another 2-3 years with my new MJ's!
It annoys me though, all those STUPID fashion glasses, Prada, D & G, CC's, they have the LOWEST rating for eye protection but people buy them because they're supposed to be good quality, because they're a luxury brand. Get off it. I saw a girl with a pair of Prada ones, (also had a Guess bag and a million other designer labels, of course all the badges showing so you KNEW it) and my mind screamed "You are a tool!". I seem to be getting cynical. Frown

Bought an anti-aging cookbook. I realise at nearly 22 I don't need that sort of thing yet, but the recipes looked divine. Mostly centred on fish and fresh veges, everything just seemed so fresh and clean. I am going to try out a few this week. It must be this heat making me want to eat salads and all that again. Bye Bye soup! See you next winter!

what should i do?

August 23rd, 2009 at 11:56 am

DF and I have been talking about an engagement party. Typically I think you're meant to have them just after you announce the engagement, and it's a good idea for us to do that because we're not actually getting married for a few years.
So, my dad and stepmum and little sister are staying with us Sept 25-Oct 2nd. They live 3 hours away by plane so it's a big deal, I only see them once a year.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to have the engagement party while they're here, people expect everyone's parents to be there of course.

So I called my dad yesterday to ask him if that would be ok, as it is their *holiday* after all. He said 'if that's what you guys would like to do we would be happy to.' I guess that is the best reaction I could get. I really did stress that if they felt the teeniest bit uncomfortable we could have a quieter dinner while they are here with just a few people, and have the engagement party another time with a whole heap of people.

It is just, I know my dad and them want nothing to do with my mum and her partner. Things weren't exactly amicable, and I understand that.
And I will have to ask my mum to NOT drink a single drop. So there's a possibility that she will get all stubborn and refuse to come anyway. And you know the horrible thing? There's a part of me that actually wants her to not come. *ALL* of our friends avoid her, she has given my DF's auntie a hard time over nothing once (and now thinks she's the devil - when the Auntie did nothing at all) and I just feel tense imagining my dad there. Also my mum's partner is one of those 'take sides before you even know the other side of the story' types - hates my dad because of the things my mum told him which mostly are in her head anyway (I suppose that is normal in a divorce anyway, but it just gets to me).

Anyway. Then there's the whole thing of planning it, I want to have it on a Sunday mid-morning, so it sends the message that it's a casual event, not an actual 'party'. DF suggested a morning tea type of thing, and I had the idea of hiring one of those mobile coffee carts. Anyone ever had one of those? How much do they cost?
I would make most of the stuff at work Big Grin and then we would not have to ask people to bring anything. We would have cupcakes, quiches, sandwhiches, maybe some mini custard tarts or something, scones, slices of cake etc. Sort of like a high tea?
None of our friends have ever had an engagement party like that, so it would be rather different. We'd have it at a park.

So anyway, I just really don't know what to do. My dad's reaction was neutral, which is the best I could hope for I guess. Frown I have the difficult task of asking my mum nicely not to drink. I got angry and upset last night and cried to DF because I thought to myself 'Why the **** should I even have to ASK this kind of thing? And why should I walk on eggshells around it? It's not MY ******* problem!'

Anyway. What would you do? I am sure my dad would be happy to have a nice dinner with maybe my DF's mum, grandparents, DF's sister and a couple of our friends. But then again I just don't think it's right to have an engagement party without your dad there.
We would invite around 50 people. There would be others that they could talk to, I just don't know what will happen.

answering BA's question: the turning point

August 21st, 2009 at 01:58 am

I thought I would write this as an entry instead of a comment, as the question does deserve a bit of thought.

To be honest, I'm pretty far from frugal compared to some people here. So I guess I have never 'become frugal'. I spend massive amounts of money on things that many of you here never will. But we're all different, and we all live for and strive for different things.

But my desire to learn about money and all things financial came from my mother and her partner having a distinct LACK of knowledge about the subject. When I was 13 I started to record their reciepts for their new business in a ledger. I realised how much money they wasted, and, to be blunt, it really pissed me off. But because I didn't 'know' a lot about finances, I basically didn't have a leg to stand on in an argument with them about their money. (Of course, now I don't have a leg to stand on either, because I've realised, after many years, that I'm their CHILD, and will always be that to them, and not someone you take advice from).

I've always been an organisational freak as well, so once I started earning money, that was just another thing I did, recording expenses, making budgets, tallying up my savings, working out how much I would have in x weeks etc.

My need to control money probably comes from not having much available as I was growing up. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I think when I have children I won't burden them money problems as much as I was when I was a child. I remember times when I would not bother to begin writing letters to friends who I had moved away from, because I didn't know when we would be able to buy stamps (40c back then).
I remember having to ask my dad for money for things, even though he also paid child support AND gave me pocket money. I remember having to give the pocket money to my mum for groceries. Looking back, I think there were equal parts in 'not having enough money' and 'mum spending money on alcohol' in play. *shrug*

So really, for me, there was no actual turning point. My life is a series of events that have shaped me the way I am. Everything that has been sent my way I have tried to make some kind of order out of it.

what i did today, what i must do tomorrow

August 20th, 2009 at 01:14 am

Did not do much today. I worked 6am-2pm, drive half an hour to pay a $100 deposit for the ink work (turns out both will take around 3 hours each- $150 an hour, you do the math. good thing he has a waiting list, it seems!)

Went to look at a bed, DF agreed with me he does not like the look of it in real life (looked much better in the magazine!) so we did not buy it. saved $600? sort of.

I bought a coffee and a fig & pecan biscuit while waiting for DF, $6.55.

We're going to look at more beds next weekend, will compare prices.

This weekend we're having a barbecue, lots of family coming over. I've already bought a few dips and crackers, i will buy ingredients for salads on Saturday.

planned menu:
balsamic roasted potatoes
bbq meat & vegetables & tofu
pesto pasta salad
garden salad

Tomorrow I must:
- tidy kitchen
- tidy dining/living areas
- tidy deck
- do laundry
- set up spare rooms for guests
- tidy our bedroom
- vaccuum & mop floors

made the booking today - for an appointment in THREE MONTHS

August 19th, 2009 at 01:59 am

So after discussing it with DF a bit (and he decided he wanted one too) I finally called to book in a time to get a tattoo. When I got my last one, (over a year and a half ago) DF's sister and I went in on a Thursday and booked for the following Monday.
She got a guy, LM, and I got a woman, LA. So I really really really wanted the guy to do my piece this time and convinced DF to go there with me and get his done by the same person.
Wouldn't you know it, LM now has a 3 month waiting list! Holy crap. But, we got in a month earlier because we could do it on a weekday. so the appointment is actually in TWO months.

So anyway, even though it's technically a birthday present, we're booked in for the 21st of October (a Wednesday).

I've decided I'm getting a peacock. Smile

Oh and I think I made a d*ck of myself on the phone. The lady asked me how long I thought it would take and I was like 'hmmm, probably an hour for each one'. she was like 'is that all?'
anyway, I got home and looked at them and realised they'll probably be a minimum of two hours. Let's hope she's not there when I take the pictures in tomorrow! Big Grin

flour, flour, everywhere!

August 18th, 2009 at 03:15 pm

So, last week my friend/colleague got her arm caught in a mixer (in a test kitchen where she was training for a competition).
She's fine, nothing is broken but she just has a massive bruise. They made her go to hospital and she had to fill out all the reports and everything. It was a machine malfunction - not her fault, not anyone else's fault. (I do the exact same thing she did every day - except the mixer doesn't unexpectantly start on me! eeek!) Anyway. That is not the point of the story.
So after that happened, the manager of the company that owns the test kitchen felt so bad he loaded her car up with freebies. What he thought she would do with 3 x 25kg bags of organic bakers flour, I have no idea. (amongst other things).

So she gave me a bag of flour. Actually, she put it next to my car at work and said 'this is yours'. I've already given about 10kgs to my mother. What to do? What to do!

I do USE flour, but obviously not in ridiculous quantities. I'm planning on making banana bread and some ginger snap biscuits this weekend. I'm going to have to package the flour up very carefully so it doesn't get weevils or anything. Right now it's sitting on our dining room table. DF laughed at me when i hauled it inside (on my shoulder, like a true baker Big Grin) and was like 'WHAT are you going to do with THAT?'

i slipped and fell...and bought a dress :D

August 17th, 2009 at 08:34 pm

I drove my mum to the CBD for something and while I was waiting for her I went into the shops to look for a pair of sunglasses (I've had three pairs break on me in the last year - all were free though so I'm not going to cry about it). So, I didn't find any sunglasses, but I did find a gorgeous dress that I bought for DF's sister and her fiances wedding.

Oh yes, I haven't mentioned that!

So DF's sis and fiance have decided to go to the registry office and get married so that it says they are married on their newborn daughters birth certificate. So we are all going to go and have dinner afterwards. It's a secret though, because they would eventually like to have a wedding down the track, just not for a while.

Anyway, so the dress was marked down from $60 to $48, which is quite a bargain anyway. Big Grin I also bought a vegetarian cook book for $15. I went to a store and looked at a bed frame that DF found in a catalogue for Freedom Furniture. Not sure if I like it looking up close, but we'll see. DF is going to look at it on Thursday. The frame (without mattress) is $600. We need to buy ourselves a new bed before September 25th, as that is when my dad, stepmum and little sis stay with us for a week.

whew! it's getting hot already!

August 17th, 2009 at 05:24 pm

It appears that the summer heat is already here. Eugh. (and yes, I know it is not even officially Spring here yet, but Queensland weather doesn't exactly follow rules).

I *extremely dislike* summer. I can think of three things that are good about it, and that's it: mangoes, thunderstorms and the fact that it's just too hot to eat anything and you sweat off about 5 kilograms (atleast at my work, anywayBig Grin)

In a previous entry I mentioned I spent $170 on a pair of fitted running shoes. I took Jed for a couple of runs with them and was so amazed at them (ok - I've never had properly fitted runners before - I know it's not *that* amazing but it really was something) that I immediately forced DF to go and get fitted too.

He got them home and told me he would probably never wear them anywhere except walking with Jed (they are Nikes - so not his style, which are Vans and other skateboarding shoes). So then he took Jed for a run and lo and behold, he thinks they're amazing too. He even wore them to a job site (yes, in all their shiny white glory). Big Grin

So hows that for a change of mind transformation? Big Grin

Anyway, back to Summer. Argh. Totally dreading it. Really.

We have decided to brave this summer without an air conditioner. It was our original plan to buy one before summer. I know they aren't really necessary, but the 40C heat begs to differ. We just want to see how the house is over the summer - seeing as we moved in during the end of summer, we're kind of wondering how it is in the midst of it. I have a feeling we'll regret the decision, but we have ten million pedestal fans so I am sure we'll survive, somehow.

do you all remember 'that friend' of mine?

August 16th, 2009 at 11:42 pm

The one that couldn't make the time to see me when I was visiting her state?
The one that would never initiate a conversation with me? (It always had to be me asking her questions)
The one that stayed with me for a weekend but kept reminding me of everything she was missing out back home?
The one that always has to have everything better than me?

Do you remember one of my goals for this year was to shed the friendships that did not make me feel good about myself? And that I made the decision to let my friendship with this girl (who, by the way, I have known since I was 4) wither and die because I felt like I was doing all the work and that she did not value me? Do you remember me saying "Ok, I am really not going to start up a conversation with her again, she can come to me!"

Well, guess what?

It took nearly a year (or was it longer?)before she initiated a conversation with me (via msn - because I know how *hard* it is to do that - lol). But she finally did. Of course, it was to find out the gossip on my engagement (which I just put up on facebook) and also OF COURSE:

to tell me she was getting laser eye surgery and that she is moving to Vancouver next year.

It's lovely that she's doing that, and I think I do even feel sad she is leaving Australia - but it doesn't surprise me of the timing and the way she told me. Typical! Argh!

Sorry guys. I am just feeling a bit flat. Maybe a bit pissed off. Hmmmm...


August 15th, 2009 at 03:54 am

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks. I wasn't even going to bother about asking for anything from DF, I figured we'd spent enough money on ourselves lately.


It's all my boss's fault really. He started asking me about my tattoos, because his wife had booked in to get their childrens names tattooed on her feet (and I have two on my feet). And then the next day he came in and said his wife had booked him in to get his (and he doesn't even WANT to! He's just doing what she tells him to!)

Anyway, so talking about it to my boss started me thinking about it. The feeling you get while you're sitting in the waiting chair. The smell of the place (clean, if you're wondering!). The buzzing sound of the gun. The usual gruffness of the artist about to inflict pain on you, who only soften once you've winced and gritted your teeth a little, who then go on to tell you stories about their wife/husband and their kids, other people they've tattooed etc.

So yeah, I started thinking about it and once you get that feeling, it's hard to shake. So, guess what I'm getting for my birthday? Big Grin

$170 well spent (?) and... a song for you.

August 13th, 2009 at 11:26 pm

I have been having shooting pains in my left foot, and haven't been able to press down on the ball. It's been like this for a while, usually only happens in the mornings when I get up. But a few days ago it just didn't go away all day, and then the next day, and the day after that. DF told me to stop my whinging and go to the doctor, so after some whinging about going to the doctor Smile I finally went. He told me to get some new shoes and then come back if it doesn't go away. So I told DF this, (we'd been talking about both getting properly fitted running shoes) and then I whinged about spending $200 on a pair of shoes, but DF said he WANTED me to go and get some if it meant the pain would go away.

So I bit the bullet and got fitted for proper running shoes. $169.95 for a pair of Mizuna runners. I have to say, I felt no pain all day at work, and I have been on my feet 12 hours straight until just now.

That's all my news for now.

Oh and I just wanted to share this song by an Australian band called Little Birdy. They are quite big here but I don't expect anyone to know them. But it's a beautiful song, please give it a listen:


interest rates :(

August 13th, 2009 at 01:29 am

Three or four weeks ago the 5 year fixed term interest rate was at 6.94%, now it is 7.46%! Oh well. Atleast we are not locked into 8.5% like some other friends of ours. The 4 year term is the same, but 3,2 and 1 terms are better - I just don't see any point in fixing for one or two years so 5 years it is! I doubt it's going to go lower.

Now to decide how much to fix.

Originally thinking 150k (leaves a little under $150k variable). The fixed portion only allows $10k extra payments for the term, so having variable isn't negotiable in my books. I like to have a bit of freedom.

Hmmmm. Decisions Decisions!

fixing interest rate

August 10th, 2009 at 04:34 am

Sorry I have not posted much this week. Things have been a bit busy, life has been happening, and I have been rather distracted by some other websites currently. However!

I do have some news.

On Thursday I am going into the bank after work to fill out the papers to fix the rate for some of our mortgage.
I am thinking 50% (approx $150k) for 5 years. The fixed rate for 5 years is 6.49%. Our variable rate is 5.21%. We can only pay $10k extra for the term on the fixed portion, which is why we want some left at a variable rate. I don't foresee us paying more than 150k in extra repayments in the next five years... would be nice though! but i doubt it...
Anyway. They are calling the Australian economy the 'miracle economy'. Big Grin

finally! engagement ring!

August 8th, 2009 at 12:08 am

Yesterday we got a call from the jeweller, my engagement ring was ready to be picked up (a week early - took six weeks to make instead of seven). We picked it up pretty much straight away, and I love it! Very happy with the workmanship and the stone colour. (I'd already picked the stone out but it was nice to see it again).
The photos aren't that great, the lighting isn't that great in our office (and I may not be that great at taking closeup photos, I have realised), but you get the general idea Smile

updates: engagement, shopping, the guy...

August 6th, 2009 at 12:24 am

Not a great deal happening on my end, but I thought I would write a quick update anyway.

I went to the accountants (work related) yesterday and while I was in the CBD I went to get Jed a toy DF and I had been talking about (it's a dumbell shaped toy that 'giggles' when it is moved - it's weird but we thought it was cute).

Well I 'accidently' stumbled into some other shops and bought: some tracksuit pants, a cardigan, a short sleeved vest and a singlet, as well as a book... Big Grin I'm happy about all the items, and the prices too. I am still within my allowance for this WEEK, which is amazing considering the cost of clothes lately, and my 'allowance' which is only $60 a week! Big Grin

I FINALLY called my dad and told him the good news about our engagement. My stepmum and sister also told us congratulations. I am looking forward to them visiting in a bit over a month. Now they want to know what to get us for our engagement present, I am really a shocker when it comes to suggesting presents, my mind just goes blank.

It's POSSIBLE that the guy might not be moving in to our house now. Whew. He might be moving in with DF's dad (and partner, and two kids, and two dogs...) I feel kind of bad when I look at it like that Frown It is just the two of us and we have two spare rooms - and DF's dad is working his bum off trying to build in a room underneath his house (he's in the process of renovating - has been for YEARS) so his cousin can stay there.

*sigh* I just can't imagine dealing very well with living with someone again, that I don't know.

Today I spent $3 on a drink.

July Totals - yippee!

August 3rd, 2009 at 03:15 pm

I am very pleased with our numbers for July:

DF: $3479.25
ME: $2970.30
Other: $186.25
Total: $6635.80

Mortgage: $1903.85
Groceries: $697.50
Petrol: $206.52
Phone & Internet: $77.39
Car Repairs/Maintenance: $18.95
House Insurance: $69.39
Life Insurance: $53.67
Car Payment: $185.00
Pet Supplies/Care: $366.80
House Repairs/Maintenance: $109.85
Appliances/House Gadgets: $18.10
Work Expenses: $106.48
Dining Out: $139.80
Entertainment: $47.50
Misc: $28.50
One Off Purchases: $548.00 (Personalised Plates & part payment speeding fine)
Gifts: $19.80
DF Fun: $349.56
Me Fun: $213.54
Extra Car Payment: $86.46

Total Remaining: $1389.14

Normally we would put the remaining into our mortgage or EF, but August is going to be a particularly expensive month, so my plan is to send $389.14 to the mortgage and keep the remaining $1k in our checking account (our everyday account and emergency fund).

Our 'other' income includes a $50 GC DF got with his personalised plates, a $30 check I got from emailcash, and my ebay earnings less postage. I still have a payment remaining, so I will take the fees out of that one for this month.

I am pretty darn happy with all of our totals this month. While there were some times where we felt a little deprived (friends calling and asking if we wanted to go to the movies on a non-cheap night. $15 for a movie? I don't think so! - but seriously, the reason we declined the offer(s) was sheer laziness - we just couldn't be bothered going into the CBD Big Grin) We still saw friends a LOT more than normal, had dinner out once, had lunch out several times, had friends over etc.

The only thing we overspent a lot on was grocery shopping, by about $20 a week ($140 a week instead of $120 which is what I 'plan' our budget around). I'd say that might have something to do with eating in for nearly all our meals, and cooking Jeds food. But we have been eating a lot more bread too, which hopefully offsets a little of the grocery expenses! (We get our bread for free).

What do ya'll think?

i don't like sharing!

August 1st, 2009 at 03:11 pm

So, I think I have mentioned this previously, but haven't written much about it. I guess I have been pushing it to the back of my mind pretending it won't happen.

Next year, DF's apprentice will be going overseas. DF's dad decided to offer his cousin a job in August (as in, 2009). I was initially against it because then we did not know the other apprentice was going overseas, and I think that the business cannot afford another wage. I became more against it because it became apparent that everyone except me thought it would be acceptable for the cousin to stay in one of our spare rooms (and pay rent).

Yes. He is family, and family should help each other out. That's what everyone has been telling me. And I *know* it's selfish and I'm acting like a little girl, but I just do not want to share a house with anyone else at the moment.

I know that compared to a lot of people, 4 years is not a long time spent in sharehouses for your life. I know normally you can spend up to and over 10 years sharehousing with other people. But I just DON'T like it. It was one the main motivations for even attempting to buy a house - the fact that I would not have to live with anyone I don't want to, purely for the sake of 'it's cheaper.

I think it may be different if I was a slob that didn't clean up after myself (and therefore didn't mind a messy house) OR a person who willingly cleans up after other people just because. (and yes, there are such people).

I cannot *stand* a messy house. Dirty dishes, crumbs on the floor, a full rubbish bin that smells, scraps of useless paper and junkmail left lying on the table, dirty plates and cups left everywhere, the whole issue of 'who washes the tea towels', dirty windows, mouldy bathrooms, hairballs etc etc. The vast majority of you have experienced this, I imagine.

You see, I don't like a messy house, but I don't believe that I should do all the work because of that. It should be a standard skill that all people are taught; how to clean up after yourself. And it honestly is NOT that hard. Especially when it is just yourself you are looking after. It's a different story all together when you are a family with children - I completely understand that!

But when you are sharing a house, how hard is it to wash your own dishes, figure out when it's your turn to do something and do it, instead of 'pretending' it's not. If the housework is shared equally by two or three adults, you have to admit if everyone is fair, there is not a great deal to do.

We had a great 'system' when sharing with DF's sister. It was a roster, and we took it in weekly turns to do the bins and floors, and turns to do the washing up. All would work well, but as some of you have read previously, DF's sister let the system down. She would ignore that it was her turn to do the floors, and then it would be my turn! And of course I would do it, because it was my turn, and I couldn't stand dust balls, dog hair and pieces of scrap paper lying all over the floor from her many collages.

The other thing I can't stand is mooching. DF's sister was actually good with this, she bought her own food and contributed with bills and household supplies. But our previous flatmate was another story. I would be cooking dinner, or would have just served up for DF and I, and he would waltz downstairs and ask 'ooh, what are you having for dinner?'. A general question, yes, but said in an expectant tone as though it meant 'Can I have some, because I'm too lazy to cook for myself?'. Unfortunately, he was also bad with household chores (cleaned the shower twice in three years - and expected applause both times).

So, it's true, I don't like sharing. But really, it's not the sharing that bothers me. Because believe me, I would be a happy camper if everything WAS shared. It's exactly that though, there was a large part of my experience in sharehousing where things that were supposed to be shared, WERE NOT shared. So excuse me if I have a bitter taste in my mouth!

And I do admit, I know nothing about this cousin of DF's dad. He currently works on a cruise ship and his contract expires in August (hence the working with us in August).

Now before I start arguing the other side of the story, I just want to flail my arms in the air and whinge 'it's not FAIR! we just bought a house and got engaged, why can't we be left in peace!!!!' *whitestripe flails arms dramatically*


So, to be fair: as I said, I know nothing about the guy. I don't even know how old he is (if he is over the age of 30, he *could* be alright). And he doesn't even know a) about the job offer yet b) about the ensuing argument about his accomodation and c) whether or not he actually wants to work for DF's dad.
So there are some big 'IFs' in these prospective plans. It could all fall through.
Some other things for me to consider are:
- like I said, he could be older, therefore more respectful of his place, our place etc.
- he may want his own place to live and not even consider living with us.
- if he does chose to live with us, DF's already said he won't be getting a free ride. The boarding money would help immensely with paying extra on the mortgage and the bills.
- he may only be wanting to stay for a week ro two until he finds his own place.
- he may even end up staying at DF's dads place (would be sharing a room with a teenage boy though!)
- he may only work here for a few months before deciding he doesn't like it.