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Weekend Update

September 6th, 2009 at 12:14 am

Well, other than our big spend on the bed yesterday, we didn't have a huge weekend.

Today was a NSD for me, DF spent $9 on the tip, he cut down a tree in our front yard.

I did some washing, tidied our bedroom and took Jed for a 45 minute walk, as well as doing 55 minutes of yoga.

I got some chocolate, homemade body scrub, a facewasher and some champagne from DF's sister, hubby and DF's mum, for my birthday.

Yesterday I forgot to mention I spent a gift voucher that my dad sent me for my Bday. I got a cd, The Best of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and Se7en on dvd, because DF said I would like it, and it has Brad Pitt in it Big Grin

One of my closest friends is away on a competition, she is being flown to another state to compete, so I will be having a quiet and most likely productive week Big Grin I tend to fob off chores to spend time with her.

Friday Expenses:
Coffee & Cake: $8.30

Saturday Expenses:
Bed: $599
Mattress: $899
Coffee: $5.30
Juice: $5.95
Woodwork Book: $15.99
Doona Cover: $75.00

Sunday Expenses:
Tip Fee: $9.50

I am now off to upload new music onto my ipod.

I've decided to start posting at the end of each entry something that I either just watched/read or am listening to. I used to do that on an old blog, so I'll start doing it here, as this is the only blog that I regularly update Smile

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Currently Reading: The New Financial Order

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Happy birthday!

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