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what do you feed your teenagers?

October 24th, 2010 at 06:01 am

I have two teenagers (my brother and sister) staying with us for an indefinate amount of time. My mum is giving us $100 a week. $40 of it is for my brothers bus fare, and the rest is for food. My sister can walk to school from my house.

I am lucky enough to get bread for free, so for breakfast they eat toast.

For lunch they take a salad roll, an apple, a frozen 100% juice pack, a muesli bar and a snack packet of vege chips.

They seem happy enough to eat a never ending amount of bread with peanut butter & honey, or anzac biscuits with tea, as a snack.

Dinners are usually spaghetti bolognaise, roast vegetables & salad, minestroni soup, homemade pizza, stirfries or curries with rice.

I know lots of you have growing children in your households, what do you feed them?!

And what do you get them to do?! I am at a loss. They are bored. I know teenagers are meant to be bored, like 90% of the time anyway, because it's some sort of annoying genetic mutation Big Grin but really! I am not the type of person to let them sit on a computer all day, or go out whenever they want. So most of the time they are at home, but apparently there is nothing to do. *sigh*

4 Responses to “what do you feed your teenagers?”

  1. marvholly Says:

    My kids are LONG gone but I remember feeding them (and their friends) anything, everything and LOTS of it. ALL were athletes.

    Keeping costs in control you can do one pot meals of lentil stew, mac n cheese, veg curry & chili. I also do a spinach bread - NOT cheap but SOOO good.

    Not sure if you do meat but stir frys (can do tofu), tuna salad, egg salad.

    As for do:
    keep up their rooms (vac, change linens, keep picked up)
    Clean their bathroom if separate from yours
    Each should have at 1-2 general household chores to do per week and they may rotate:
    Vacuum/mop floors
    Do all laundry (includes folding)
    Cook 1x/week
    Clean up after dinner for a week

  2. baselle Says:

    Well, you do have a slight advantage here for the discipline piece. You are in your early 20s, an age that every teenager wants to be. (At least when I was a teenager I didn't want to stay a teenager.) So I'd play that card as much as possible.

    Teenagers are going to be eating a lot of food, so I'd aim for the cheapest/healthiest choices. I think that marvholly has the right idea. Chores definitely. Are they in school or does Australia do summer vacation like the United States?

  3. anon-y-mouse Says:

    Are they vegetarian? Just make sure they're getting enough protein. Bean dishes are usually cheaper than mean anyways.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    What about see if there is some kind of service project they could get involved with? Or, perhaps challenge them to come up with some kind of easy-for-teens to run business?

    And like mentioned above, you could always pull out the card "Oh, you're bored? Great! Here's a list of chores that need to be done!" Big Grin

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