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June 16th, 2010 at 03:15 am

The pizzas we made yesterday were delicious! So, just a note for anyone that has leftover pita breads, or some in the freezer: you can make pizzas out of them. (I was going to make the base from scratch, but decided to use the pitas because I wouldn't use them for anything else).

DF got his iPhone a few days ago. Only a month or so to go until I can get mine. AND I will be able to get the one DF has, on a lesser per month plan. (actually the same plan I have now) YAY.

DF is getting paid for some weekend work he has been doing this month which is exciting. It will be around $1000.00. The money will just be absorbed into our EF because of the new stove we bought. It would have gone towards a new TV and a punching bag - but I think we have to accept that those things will have to wait a little longer than we initially thought.

I'm thinking more seriously about moving our superannuation over to our bank. It has much less fees than the fund we're currently with. I think it will cost around $160 in total fees a year each. Not bad.

Plus we will be able to see at a glance exactly how much superannuation we have, instead of guessing (our current fund doesn't seem to send letters that regularly...not really impressed)

And we can get our life insurance taken out of that fund. I might do some more research into what the coverage is though. No point in having insurance if it's not going to cover you when you need it.

My goal for the rest of the month is to set up a savings plan for our house renovations goals. Also I'd like to set up a car fund too, and a few other small funds for various short term things. DF's going to have to sit down with me and listen! LOL.

4 Responses to “savings”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I have 5 different mini savings accounts. Each specifically for a certain savings goal. I love it rather than having all the money lumped in 1 account.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    as much as i would LOVE to do that, the cheapskate in me would cry if i did anything other than lump it in our mortgage account. but i WILL be keeping track of it on a spreadsheet. and i was thinking of doing monthly printouts and putting it on the fridge so that it motivated DF. if he sees how much we have in our car fund (likely to be named the WRX or 200SX fund Big Grin) he'll be less likely to spend money on breakfast and make a piece of toast instead! Big Grin

  3. whitestripe Says:

    * our mortgage account allows redraws/extra payments at no cost.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    We also have some different savings accounts for particular things. In fact, we go to a credit union for 3 accounts, and a bank for another. We have a vacation account, a Christmas club, and then an account for those other things we want to save up for.

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