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My Bills Expenditure for an ENTIRE YEAR

April 6th, 2010 at 03:41 am

I think itís time to re-evaluate the amount I put away for bills each week. As time passes, companies like to up their prices, sneaky sneaky! Also, I have other things that Iíd like to put into this category, like pet expenses. Technically itís all money, and itís all coming out of our account, but Iíd feel better knowing that say, flea treatments and heartworm tablets are allocated to the Bills Expenses each month. Then I know itís there, and it doesnít eat into our other funds. Ya know what Iím sayin?

So, currently I put aside $180 a week for bills. This covers, on my guesstimations:

House & Contents Insurance:
$69.56 (monthly) $834.72
Life Insurance:
$53.67 (monthly) $644.04
Phone & Internet:
$79.00 (monthly) $948.00
Mobile Phone:
$55.00 (monthly) $660.00
$240.00 (3-monthly) $960.00
$100.00 (per bottle - approx 6 monthly) $200.00
Car Rego:
$1058.00 (2 cars, yearly) $1058.00
Car Insurance:
(1 car, yearly) $478.00
(yearly) $62.00
Car Repairs:
(yearly approx) $1000.00
Property Rates:
(yearly) $1900.00
Bank Fees:
$395.00 (yearly package fee)

Total Estimate for Yearly Bills: $9 139.76

Here are the actual figures for last year:
(NB: the brackets show how much less or more we spent based on the initial budget)

House & Contents Insurance: $763.46 ($71.26 less)
Life Insurance: $684.01 ($39.97 more)
Phone & Internet: $1131.83($183.83 more)
Mobile Phone: $645.17 ($14.83 less)
Electricity: $886.43 ($73.57 less)
Gas Bottle:
$0.00($200.00 less*)
Car Rego: $1058.00 (on budget)
Car Insurance: $383.90 ($94.10 less)
$70.00 ($8.00 more)
Car Repairs: $2063.92 ($1063.92 more**)
Property Rates: $2240.21 ($340.21 more)
Bank Fees: $409.05 ($14.05 more)
Actual Total for Yearly Bills:
$10 335.98 ($1196.22 more)

* The tenants who lived in our house before us filled the gas bottle up before they left (part of their tenant agreement) and we hadnít used it all up by the time the stove/oven broke. J

** Some of the car repair expenditure went to fixing up DFís project car, which I forgot to itemise L So this could mislead the figures a bit. However, with hindsight itís probably a good idea to put some money in the bills budget for that anyway, seeing as eventually it will become his daily drive.

Does anyone have any other things they put into the Bills category that I am not currently putting in there?
(Note: I do not have: heating or cooling expenses, parking expenses, gym membership, water expenses, cable television, magazine subscriptions.)

4 Responses to “My Bills Expenditure for an ENTIRE YEAR”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Cell phone? groceries? Vet check ups? Pest /bug control? Retirement?...That's what I can think of. I need to start doing this. I itemize my spending each month but need to look at the yearly figures. I am too scared to do it.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Well, I don't think these apply to you, but in addition to many of the things you listed, I set aside for student loan interest, medical expenses, Netflix (DVD rental) subscription, barber visit, baby stuff, EF, groceries/household. For pet expenses, I buy food and litter with grocery/household money, and I pay vet bills with medical funds. Minor home improvements I pay for with the grocery/household category, but if we need an appliance or bigger repair, we pay for it with EF funding (not taking money out of the actual EF) or adjust our future budget to clear up funds to pay for it (doing 0% financing and pay it off before any fees hit).

  3. tightwad kitty Says:

    Living in the same region as you, Water & Sewage bill is now separate unless you have included it with your rates.

    Have you budgeted for medical & Vet bills that could come up over the year. May be a float so if used you need to resave it again.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    thanks guys.
    these are just 'bills'.
    our mortgage, fun money, petrol, grooming & health, house maintenance etc come out of our every day account, mainly because we can cut back on all of these at the first sign of trouble, but with bills they will always be a set amount each week/month/year, so it's easier for me to calculate the costs on a weekly 'put money aside' manner.

    kitty, water and sewerage is still in our rates. (though i noticed it hiked a bit in the last six months, *sigh*)

    I think the main thing I will be adding is vet expenses. Healthcare for us is free (at the moment), and we do not have any education loans at this time. Home Improvements we usually take out of the EF or any budget surplus for the month.

    Haircuts is an interesting point though. DF's costs $16 a cut and he gets one every 2-3 months, and mine is roughly $65 which I get every 6 months (every time I go, I get a disapproving look from the hairdresser "Your last visit was SIX months ago *cough*") LOL Big Grin

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